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Non default Priority on buildings stops all usage of building

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When assigning a priority other than 5 to a building, the building doesn't get maintained/used.  This happens with outhouses, research computers, etc.

Steps to Reproduce
Research 1. start researching something 2. change priority to 1 3. have your dupe go back to research more - they won't use the computer Outhouse 1. Change outhouse priority to 1 2. Dupes won't use building

User Feedback

Hi @garythebeer,

Can you upload your save game so we can take a look at your specific situation? I can't reproduce the issue you described.

If your buildings are marked as low priority, deliveries of required materials (dirt, water etc.) will go to higher priority buildings first and might mean your low priority building doesn't have the supplies to operate.

If a duplicant's personal errand priorities are equal (say, Researching is equal to Supply, Operate, Cook, etc...). Then they will only work at lower priority buildings if there are no higher priority buildings they can work at.

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Hi Brook,

Just realized what was going - haven't played for a while and thought that 1 was the highest priority (used to be in QA and 1 was always highest for defects etc) - didn't realize that 9 was highest until just now.  Would be good to elucidate on this in the tip on the sub priority screen?

Anyways, now working fine that I'm using the correct scheme.



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