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No sweeping & Compactors set to sweep idle

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I'm 50 cycles in and still no luck getting the Dupes to sweep.
Even if everything else is priority 1, they still ignore sweep instructions.
Compactors set to Sweep Only, just sit idle/empty.

Anyone else been able to get them to sweep?
Get the compactors to store swept materials?

Dev Build CL#208689

Steps to Reproduce
Trying to sweep any material (that i've encountered in the first 50 cycles), under any condition, is ignored by all dupes. No matter what priority all other tasks are set to. I set up 3 of 10 compactors to Sweep Only. None were used / all sat idle. Observation: Other 7 compactors are emitting contaminated oxygen. Don't know if that's the byproduct of the compactor process in the game mechanics or a sign that contaminated materials are being stored in them. Still figuring that out.

User Feedback

You also need to set the compactors to accept the kind of materials they should sweep.
There is currently some stuff they can't sweep (abyselite, or whatever it's called).
Compactors emit contaminated oxygen when they store slime or contaminated dirt.

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