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No order at all, but dupes are still digging an old one.

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Another one for today. Same version, so Q1-303707.

I had an order to build ladder, rail and wire through some rocks.

I’ve disabled this order, because I decided to dig horizontally for some reason.

But my dupes are still digging those rocks, like my order was still there even it’s not.

I’ve reloaded, tried again, disabled larger building area (used disable All), nothing is remaining, but dupes are still digging those rocks.

I’ve put my pointer on those rocks, and it appears that the order to dig is remaining, somewhere.
Also it’s appearing as “unreachable”, but it is, and my dupes do.

I’m nearly stuck at this point as I really do not want those rocks to be dug out…


Have a nice day



Steps to Reproduce
No idea. Happened for the first time. Save file available if needed.

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