No heat transfer of solidified objects in vacuum of open door

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Hi ONI devs,

Found in Q2-307409. Unknown if it affects earlier versions.

When a hot liquid drops onto a surface and solidifies, if the space is a vacuum and an open door, it may fail to transfer heat to the surface. During liquid phase it will transfer, but after solidifying heat transfer may stop. It seems largely consistent but sometimes the heat transfer works.

I've attached two images that showcases the problem. In the test I spawned 75kg of iron at 2000K above the object spot.


Maybe a related bug, weight plate does not accurately present the correct weight of the object in solidified liquids. Can report another bug if wished. Problem is easy to replicate with glass forge by dropping the molten glass onto a weight plate.

Steps to Reproduce
Create an empty space with vacuum. Create a floor for liquid to solidify on (e.g diamond window tile). Put a door on it, with automation to keep it open. Spawn hot liquid (molten glass, metal, etc, 1800K+) of around 50kg, so it will solidify properly. Compare with similar setup but without a door.

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