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  1. Saw it happen when a pitcher pump was completed and the pump graphics turned into the glitch art: https://imgur.com/a/AzJNL7F When looking at it in Material Overlay, it overlays everything as Mineral.
  2. Also encountered this bug, video where it also disappears after a while:
  3. Arbor trees no longer grows all branches (limited to 5 branches at current patch). Planting an arbor acorn in a Farm Tile or Hydroponic Farm requires that a 3x3 space is available to plant a tree. Because trees now only grow 5 branches, there is room to optimize the layout of farms, but to do so requires careful planning in build order. Suggested fix: Make the tree only require space for the base tree. Use the same visual aid. Add a line in the description that branches requires free space to grow.
  4. Found in beta branch: Q2-309354 Dupes occasionally find themselves in situation where they try to deliver micrograms of material, but will fail and drop the sprite, which they then pick up to try to deliver, repeat until schedule interruption. To make it worse, the small sprite of material is left and other dupes will then try to do the same and get stuck. Video: I have attached a save file, Frankie is still stuck trying to deliver the same sprite of iron. Paradiseu.sav
  5. Some of the materials are nice to get that cold, water at 9C is quite nice. 500kg of plastic at -250C is probably not intended, thankfully it transfers heat so slowly otherwise it could have condensed the surrounding oxygen.
  6. Thankfully it does not seem to be that frequent, I loaded an earlier save and 200 cycles later have not run into it again. But the attached save is really consistent which matter when fixing bugs, so may be good for confirming a fix if nothing else.
  7. Version: Q2-307409 Get a consistent crash, seems to be something related to fetchOrder based on crash output. Attached save file, just leave it alone and it will crash within 10 seconds. Paradise Cycle 465.sav
  8. Hi ONI devs, Found in Q2-307409. Unknown if it affects earlier versions. When a hot liquid drops onto a surface and solidifies, if the space is a vacuum and an open door, it may fail to transfer heat to the surface. During liquid phase it will transfer, but after solidifying heat transfer may stop. It seems largely consistent but sometimes the heat transfer works. I've attached two images that showcases the problem. In the test I spawned 75kg of iron at 2000K above the object spot. Maybe a related bug, weight plate does not accurately present the correct weight of the object in solidified liquids. Can report another bug if wished. Problem is easy to replicate with glass forge by dropping the molten glass onto a weight plate.