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No Food Available With Food In Ration Box

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I had planned on building a Microbe Musher and saving all the Muckroot I had found, so I set Muckroot to be not consumed.

Next thing I know, it's showing zero calories available and my Dupes are about to starve. I moused over the kCal and it showed 0, and said nothing was available.

I checked the ration box, and there was plenty of food, Muckroot in there.

I made Muckroot consumable, and it still showed 0 kcal.

I changed nothing else, reloaded, and now there is 32800 kcal.

My Dupes might have starved.

Oxygen Not Included 7_10_2021 12_57_43 AM.png

Oxygen Not Included 7_10_2021 1_05_12 AM.png

Steps to Reproduce

I'm not sure I can reporduce this.

I marked Muckroot in consumables, as to not be eaten.

I turned it back on so that it could be eaten, but the kcals remained zero.

I know in other games, whether it was marked as consumable or not, it shows up in the kcal.

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