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Natural gas

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I have noticed for several days that natural gas is miraculously emerging. I do not use any machine that generates natural gas but it still appears in my bases, even in places with no sense, such as this print that there was only a vacuum and this blessed natural gas. Something or process that I do not know has generated a lot of natural gas at my base, and I'm not using the fertilizer producer and I'm not even refining oil, but it just shows up at my base, this is the third save I realize that.


Steps to Reproduce
I do not know what has caused this, but I realized it started in the expressive update, because before I had not seen it.

User Feedback

A flatulent dupe may have caused this problem. They fart even in exosuits sadly... The solution is to prevent them (by using doors and permissions) from accessing the vacuum areas until devs fix the flatulent trait.

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Thank you for the light. I did not really know what flatulence was. This emergence of natural gas throughout my base is normal.

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