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Natural Gas Generator sometimes not animated when running

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Natural Gas Generators animation sometimes stops, although the NGGs are running.
At the same time, other nearby running NGGs are animated.

- the NGGs in question are all in the same "power plant" room
- they are not connected to automation grid
- they are running, NG is flowing into them, CO2 is coming out of them
- the animation stops at the "most contracted" picture, different from "inactive"
- there is a Power Control station with assigned technician (the power control and farm stations just stopped showing engineer assignment dialog but that might be unrelated)
- NGGs are tuned up
- the NGGs nearby that are animated are not in a "power plant" room

Steps to Reproduce
- used the save that was originally created after the automation update and was used without problems after tubular update (over 3k cycles) - added mesh tile walls and pneumatic doors around NGG platforms, added power control station - after some time the animation stopped

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