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Multiple Dupes Using the Rock Granulator Simultaneously

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Sometimes when my duplicants are using the Rock Granulator, multiple of them will do the task together, stacking on one another graphically. I'm unsure of what causes it happen, if there's a certain trigger or if it's just random. I have noticed at other times that while using the Rock Granulator a Duplicant will run from the red button towards the center of the machine, turn back to face right and then suddenly teleport back to the red button.

Posted a little screen shot of Ashkan, Burt, Meep, and Nikola attempting to become one being while using the machine. Can't tell if there are even more of them stacked as I can only see a few of their names, Ashkan up front, and Burt's little hair bun and hat. All four of them move together, even when doing the little teleport animation skip/glitch/bug.


Steps to Reproduce
Simply had iron ore queued up to be refined. Quite a few of my duplicants are idle atm without much to do. Unsure if the lack of tasks causes several to try to do the same one at once.

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