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Moving nonsensical amounts of raw egg

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For some reason, whenever I order an omelette made or whenever I change priority on ration boxes, my duplicants will get into a loop of continuously picking up a ridiculously small fraction of an egg.


Like in this example Apocalypse.sav and in the screenshots, Max just keeps continuously picking up 18.2mg raw egg and then picking up another 18.2mg except it never appears in his inventory.  It seems like the game is treating it as a roundoff error since it never seems to register any mass as having been moved. And the cooks are refusing to start cooking even though there's already 1kg egg in the grill.



Steps to Reproduce
Use a lot of eggs, I guess?

User Feedback

I experienced a similar thing, with my auto-sweeper getting stuck on moving >1g amounts of raw egg. I believe this can be caused by a rounding error of the target inventory (which is almost full), or by the sweeping task being taken by two characters at once. Forcing the dupe to abandon the task (by manually telling him to go elsewhere) or disabling the autosweeper works around this bug.

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