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'Move To' for critters is a Store chore, should be Ranching

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Now it is possible to click on a critter and select 'Move To' to wrangle and relocate it, but it works poorly (at least with the dupe priorities I have set up). The chore type for it is Store like for all the material moves, but it cannot be done by haulers, it requires a rancher, who may have it set to low priority. This means that 'Move To' for critters may be pending for a long while, until a rancher gets to performing Store chores. In my current playthrough I have to babysit 'Move To' for critters and I often end up setting the task to yellow alert to finally get it done.

After locally patching MovePickupableChore and replacing the 'base(Db.Get().ChoreTypes.Fetch, target, ...' call with 'base((bool)pickupable.GetComponent<CreatureBrain>() ? Db.Get().ChoreTypes.Capture : Db.Get().ChoreTypes.Fetch, target, ...' it works much better.


Steps to Reproduce

- Load a game where a rancher/farmer has a ranch and a farm to take care of.

- Set that dupe's ranching and farming priorities to high and store priority to low.

- Click on a critter, click 'Move To' and select to move it somewhere.

- Click on the destination marker, select 'Errands' tab, see that other dupes cannot do the task, and that the rancher/farmer has a number of tasks scheduled before it (all pending ranching and farming tasks would be done before it).



User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

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