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Morale + Stress Issue/Bug

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Morale seems kind of broken for the past Test release when loading save games. Sometimes a duplicant has +8 morale & +30 decor last and current cycle and has a 80%-90% (even seen it +100%) stress/cycle, Other times a duplicant has same morale and is -30% stress or they have +7 morale and only +5% stress. All dupes show 0 on decor and food quality perception. 

It might be because I am using a save game from 278720 and the current version is 279276. 

I've been trying various combinations of dupes and stress adding and from what I see it is random. 

I created a new game and went through 20 cycles and no morale issues.




Panda Tank Cycle 24.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Load any savegame and play. Confirmed only happens on save games. I created a new game and went through 20 cycles and no morale issues.

User Feedback

Thanks for reporting this. The stress from morale comes from undershooting their morale expectation (based on highest job) but the UI doesn't show that very well. We will improve the display here to make that more clear.

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