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mods.json fail to update status after resolving mod conflict

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I ended up making two mods with the same class (reusable code idea backfired). While this is clearly my fault (and not the core of the bug report), I still need to explain it because what happened next is a problem in ONI itself.

Mod A has a building with component X. X has data in the savegame.

Mod B includes the same file, hence it also includes class X. The idea is that since class X is internal, it shouldn't matter that it's present in more than one DLL... well it turns out that it is a problem when it comes to savegames.

I remove class X from mod B. Savegames can be loaded again.

Here comes the ONI bug:

Mod A was set to status 3 in mods.json in Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods. This makes the game reload the mod on load. Since mod B updated, but A didn't, the status isn't updated and mod A is stuck with status 3. This means it reloads and gives a notification about it each time the game starts. Manually editing the file to set status to 1 fixes the problem. Steam users have figured out that unsubscribing and subscribing again also fixes the problem, presumably because it removes and then adds the mod in mods.json.

Now I updated mod A in the workshop and it should hopefully revert to status 1 for everybody, but what would have happened if mod A was released by somebody else, meaning updating mod A wouldn't be possible for me even though I caused the issue by adding mod B?

Steps to Reproduce
Read the description.

User Feedback

People keep posting about this on the steam page for High Flow Storage. Apparently it's really annoying for people when they encounter this bug. Also I'm clueless to why this specific mod is apparently hit harder than other mods. It did have a mod conflict at some point, but only one of the two conflicting mods went into update frenzy. Also once the conflict was fixed with an update, the next update triggered it again even through this time it it wasn't updating from a version the game detected as having issues.

The latest response posted on the steam page:


Same thing with Alpe happened with me. Except I had to delete the mod folder too to make it work. 

Unsubbing was keeping the mod there even if unsubbed. The problem started when I loaded the game, and it appeared "mod reloaded: high flow storagee", but when I went to the mods menu it was unticked. 

Ticking asked to restart the game which I did, only to see the same message again "mod reloaded", and unticked. =(

That also happened with other mods but not this bad, just once.


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