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Missing/Wrong unit for sleet wheat recipes

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Unlike the other recipes, the ones using sleet wheat don't have any unit in the recipes list (the other ones either specify kg or kcal)

I don't think that's what causes the issue, but the queued meals become greyed even if I still have enough ingredients.

Screenshot #1: in theory, I should be able to queue 6*pepper bread
Screenshot #2: with 3 breads in the queue, I only have 31 grains left
Screenshot #3: If I add one more, the 3rd one and 4th ones are greyed and the tooltip says I don't have enough material. This time, it's mentioning kilograms.
The tooltip for the now-greyed 3rd bread says I'm missing 9.2kg

If I add a 5th one,the second bread is greyed and with a 6th, everything is greyed




Steps to Reproduce
Add a couple pepper breads or frost buns to the grill queue

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