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Missing File Privileges

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Having an issue with Oxygen Not Included in that, anytime I try to play it, or it needs to update, or even if I just want to uninstall it because at this point I can't play it, it doesn't work. It keeps claiming "Missing File Privileges" (see attached images).

It seems some people had a similar problem with Don't Starve, the only fix I could find in the forums was to restart my computer, run Steam as an administrator, and update it that way. However that doesn't work in the long-term: how can I play a game when every time it needs an update I have to restart my computer or I can't even play it? It also appears that this fix doesn't work, because the update logs on the store page stop at June 5th, and I updated this yesterday only to have the same problem today.

Is this likely to be a problem within Steam? Is it an issue with my computer itself? I have not been able to find any solution beyond verifying the integrity of the game files in Steam, and that doesn't work because it sits forever at 0% and does not do anything. 

For reference, my computer is a HP Pavilion laptop with an Intel i5-6300HQ CPU at 2.30GHz. The graphics card is an NVidia GeForce GTX 950M. 

ONI privileges 02.png

ONI privileges.png

Steps to Reproduce
I don't know.

User Feedback

It looks like Steam doesn't have access to it's installed directory which means you should be seeing this problem for other games as well. One way of fixing this would be to run Steam with admin rights which you should be able to do by closing down Steam and then right clicking on your Steam shortcut and clicking "Run as Administrator".


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