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mining issues/bugs

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while i was playing the game one of my people would not stop mining this one block not that wouldn,t be so bad if the block broke the never stopped at all not matter what i did so things were running slow so i restarted but the same thing happen three times it happen and now it did'nt for now at least and at some points in the game while mining it will some times take one block longer than the other blocks even when its the same block and i knew it wasnt lagging because my people were walking just fine and the screen never froze the difference with this though the block would break it just takes a bit to long when this happened.and one last thing happened while i was mining my people would just randomly stop mining at thats weird because it never did that but thats all the issues with mining that had happen in my game ill keep notifying if theirs more which there might be i would be surprise after all that already happened 

Steps to Reproduce
well its just random i was just mining and it happened sometimes longer than others but just mined ALOT and eventually it might happen

User Feedback

Thanks for letting us know. We're looking into the endlessly mined tile issue and trying to figure out what is causing it. Hopefully we will have it fixed soon. :)

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