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Mid/late game research pacing feels off

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Just a general observation:


In my one long-running base, I found that research in the early game was exciting and critical.  I was constantly on the edge of collapse if I didn't get the next tech in the tree -- and once I got that tech, the problems it created forced me to get the next tech.

But somewhere around tier 2-3, this stopped and research became boring -- every time I got the alert that research was done, I clicked on a random item in the tree and forgot about it.  Why?  Because at this point, my ability to research new technologies far outstripped my ability to actually use those technologies.

This might have been partly due to being unfamiliar with the game (I'm curious what a second playthrough would show), but the basic issue is that (1) I didn't need new technology (my base was not sustainable, but was set up to run safely for a long time without any new tech), and (2) I didn't have to do anything especially difficult to get new technology (the same buildings and resources I already had let me get it).  Instead, it became an annoying chore that I had to click on every once in a while.


I've seen the same effect with the Starmap (it looks like I may research every celestial body before I am able to fuel a single rocket) and the jobs tree (there's no downside to duplicants having multiple jobs at the same tier, so all my duplicants are now experts on everything ... through lots of tedious clicking).  I feel like there's some critical piece missing to keep these systems interesting as the game goes on -- I suspect it's intentional that the urgency of research drops, but maybe the cost should be higher so that I can't just keep researching constantly in the background?  (either require more duplicant time, require additional higher-level materials/buildings, require higher-level jobs, add some other downside to acquiring research, ...)

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(1) Be me (2) Play the game

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@proteantablet from how I understand it, this should've been posted to the Suggestions and Feedback subforum instead (found here). Unfortunately, the forums uses a different structural format compared to the Bug Tracker so we can't move this post to there. You'll have to post a new thread in the subforum linked above.


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