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microbe musher stops working intermittently

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When setting the microbe musher to repeat a recipe, liceloaf in my case, it completes the recipe a few times and then stops working as intended. It still "works", but it's almost as if the chef or cook will ignore it. It sits idle until someone else has nothing else to do. Queuing up recipes individually works as expected, but the continuous mode doesn't. Also, once the breakage occurs, the only fix is to deconstruct and rebuild the machine. Once replaced it works normally for a time.

EDIT: I don't have any logs to post, no crashes, or anything of that nature. The bug isn't one related to efficiency, slowness, or hardware issues, so none of that's relevant... and a screenshot simply wouldn't record the problem. I don't know if I can make a video or not, but that's the only way I can think of to really document the issue beyond simply describing it.

Steps to Reproduce
Build a microbe musher, have a duplicant assigned to be a chef, and set the machine to continuous output of liceloaf.

User Feedback

23 hours ago, Calvin Valerian said:

Have you updated your game to newest version? If not then please do so.

I did that before posting about the bug. However, I also later experienced other problems with that save, such as darkness that couldn't be uncovered/revealed by dups. It was obscuring a natural gas geyser. I figured the problem was likely related to the save/map since it was freshly created with the new space industry release.

Created a new map/save after the patch and so far this issue has not happened again.

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I think figured out the problem.

Try reset all buildings priorities to 5 and your microbe musher should work normally again


such as darkness that couldn't be uncovered/revealed by dups

Woah.. this never happened to me. So, it might be only you.

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