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Meteor shower destroys Biome before breakthrough into space

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According to this bug message, the meteor shower of death was due to a change in generation / Destruction routine defused:

Since the change of Gravitas Lobby in the last update, in particular the change from Neutronium Brick to Obsidian Brick, the meteor shower breaks through the lobby and destroys the underlying biomes before the breakthrough into space.

This is likely to happen whenever the lobby is placed by the world generator in such a way that the abyssalite frames are over-written and / or there are no reglith or mafic rock deposits over it.

Such a seed would be, for example, 2025793058.

The obsidian tiles are destroyed and the meteors can break through. After reloading the game, the tiles are automatically repaired automatically, so I assume the longer you play without recharging, the worse the destruction.

I uploaded the game, the destroyed part is not yet completely revealed.

Maybe it would be a solution to give the lobby a meteor resistance?

Rusty Launchpad.sav

Steps to Reproduce
- Load savegame - Via debug tools, show complete map - See the destruction beneath the Gravitas Lobby
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User Feedback

I get exactly the same issue as described by OP.

My world seed is 334166418


By the time I reached the gravitas lobby/monument, meteors were hitting the inside of it.

The obsidian outer wall is physically destroyed, but still remains visually. If you enable the light overlay, light passes through the blocks that were meant to be destroyed. Meteors pass through the same blocks.


As OP mentioned, the longer you play, the more of the blocks get destroyed. They're restored each time you reload the save.

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