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Meteor destroy freshly placed bunker doors

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

A meteor is able to destroy bunker doors a fraction of second after its construction is done. Molten steel at 2000+°C will be generated (and typically lost to space). A minable cell of steel can also appear.

Issue detected during normal gameplay, but difficult to normally observe. Using instant build will greatly help (see steps to reproduce)

Reproduced in QoL 1 preview branch.

Also occurs with bunker tiles in similar condition: the tile building itself may remain, but the underlaying steel will be destroyed, and a cell of minable steel will be created nearby.

Steps to Reproduce
- Start / load any game - Enable instant build and make sure you have vision on the space biome - wait for a meteor shower occurs - pause the game when a meteor is inside a buildable area - select bunker door and prepare to place it one or two cells under the meteor (do not place it yet) - quickly unpause & place the door (using keyboard for unpausing and mouse for placing door is mandatory to be fast enough) - the door should be destroyed as the meteor passes through it. It may take several tries to get it right.

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