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  1. After some googling, it may actually be a duplicate of the following issue already detected in previous versions:
  2. A meteor is able to destroy bunker doors a fraction of second after its construction is done. Molten steel at 2000+°C will be generated (and typically lost to space). A minable cell of steel can also appear. Issue detected during normal gameplay, but difficult to normally observe. Using instant build will greatly help (see steps to reproduce) Reproduced in QoL 1 preview branch. Also occurs with bunker tiles in similar condition: the tile building itself may remain, but the underlaying steel will be destroyed, and a cell of minable steel will be created nearby.
  3. A small pool of petroleum is loosing heat somewhat quickly. I couldn't find any source of cold (the only pipe through the pool is warmer). This keeps happening after reloading. This seems to be caused by the pump interaction with the liquid (it seems to be either the middle cell of bottom row or the left cell of top row). Deconstructing the pump stops the cooling and rebuilding it causes the cooling to resume. Issue detected in the live branch, and also reproduced in QoL 1 preview branch Subterranean Friends.sav
  4. It looks like the strange behavior for cell/building heat transfers hasn't changed since OIL/AT versions (including the part where building isolation is not part of the formula). Until it's adressed, the only difference for insulated piping is the mass of the building, there is no actual insulation (unlike insulated tiles). So as R9MX4 said, you'll want to use abyssalite piping (doesn't have to be insulated) for the best results.