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Metal Refinery with broken output pipe amasses hot coolant

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This is on the Rocketry Upgrade.  My Metal Refinery was damaged by overheating, and the output pipe also has been broken.  The output pipe in this case is exactly on the same tile as the output.  I believe now the contents of the Metal Refinery are bugged:

Now my Metal Refinery contains (Status, Contents):

200kg Gold Amalgam at 30.6C

784kg Polluted Water at 27.2C

16kg Water at 45C

30kg Lime at 49C

8.1t Polluted Water at 822.1C (!)

686kg water at 546C


Note the 8 tons of 822 deg C water.  If I deconstruct the Metal Refinery, it's like a Steam bomb because all that polluted water comes out as steam.   Might be interesting if I could reproduce it and use this to power a steam generator; might be an exploit.

Steps to Reproduce
Not sure how it got into this state, and my save is after it started. I am sure of: Metal Refinery overheated, and the output pipe on the same tile as the output was broken. I deconstructed and recreated the pipe. I queued Steel to be fabricated, and the refinery overheated again, and the output pipe broke again. I can see the input pipe is still functional. I see the input animation suggesting that polluted water is flowing into the metal refinery even though the output is broken. Nothing is queued. My output_log.txt is missing but I have the save file available upon request.
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I can not normally build metal. Constantly overheated outlet pipe. The construction of the pipe from the thermium does not help. I tried to build a factory in another place - there is no effect. The screenshot shows everything.




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