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  1. Thanks guys! Both strategies together worked well. 4 emptiers in base near all the mopped water, with settings for sweep-only disabled, priority 6. Then 1 emptier in the volcano, setting auto-bottle enabled, priority 5. It only took a couple cycles to clean up most the mopped water. Anything remaining water empty tasks apparently are either too far away from the volcano to satisfy the priority 5 emptier, or they are already assigned to a priority 6 emptier. This was pretty frustrating though. I wish the devs would rethink the supply/storage task priority system. I have a suspicion that most of the priority woes that new players have are actually about supply issues, and the supply and storage tasks are very counterintuitive in how they are assigned.
  2. I am trying to get my dupes to use a Bottle emptier to fill 1600kg of water into a vacuumed out room to tame a volcano. I have the emptier set to a high priority, only Water, and autobottle is enabled. Sweep only is disabled. I have a pitcher pump with tons of water available. The dupes are actually running across the map, one at a time, to deliver around 200g of water. These dupes have high strength and much larger carrying capacity, but they won't use the pump. They prefer water from the floor. This seems to mean I am forced to either run pipe and automate a liquid value -- which will take less time than the deliveries at maximum capacity. Or I have to sweep every mopped bottle (into a closer emptier) before dupes will consider using autobottle and maximizing capacity. This is on Rime, and I have had a lot of melt and mopping. Is there a better way?
  3. It's not as hard as you think. I've been playing on a QoL MkIII world where I am not using Wheezeworts. I wanted to try using Steam Turbines and Water Sieves to cool -- stuff I had to actually engineer. One cooling loop with a thermal aquatuner was more than enough for simple base cooling. P-Water as coolant, and P-water as a heat sink works well. I was suprised to see that it had many advantages over using a SPOM and I actually prefer it now: You can put the cooling loop where you want so you can cool your farms directly The O2 and cooling systems run independently so you can cool without having to create oxygen. You can simply add more electrolyzers if you need more oxygen It's much easier to build and service than a SPOM. I can save the hydrogen. The fact that it just works shouldn't be so suprising if you do the math. Electrolyzer output is say 1kg/s and you want to cool it 45 degrees. Oxygen's specific heat is 1/4 that of water, so moving this heat will heat up 1kg of water by roughly 11 degrees. Then per tile, water is 5 times as dense as oxygen, so you are heating up 1 tile of water 2 degrees with an electrolyzer. This is easily a quantity of heat you could delete with a Water Sieve. And indeed the oni-assistant cooling calculator puts this 40kDTU, or 137g/s input into one Water Sieve.
  4. Dupes are digging out abyssalite tiles, and manage to get themselves entombed in the tiles above where they are digging. There is no construction on these tiles. In other words, dupes digging will result in entombment of other tiles. I think the dupes were digging the tiles they were standing on, and instead of falling 1 tile or stepping off, the result is that the dupes levitate their heads into the Abyssalite tiles. This has happened twice to me in the last 10 minutes of play. 2 screenshots are attached. I would not expect entombment to be possible unless I am building tiles
  5. If you load a Cooking Grill with ingredients from multiple sources, the game can misbehave if the amount is less than the required amount due to rounding errors. In the attached screenshot, you can see that the grill will says insufficient resources, 119mcg of mushrooms. Fried mushrooms no longer appears in the Grill UI so I cannot modify the order. In the attached save file, I ended up having the Grill filled with Pincha Peppernuts from several sources, but the total was less than 2kg. As a result, the Grill could not be used anymore: the grill was set to the highest subpriority, my dupe with the cook job was set to cook as the highest priority, and the grill sat idle. I had to empty the grill and remove the order for anything containing a peppernut, then compost the peppernut in order to proceed. See the thread: peppernuts.sav
  6. This is on the Rocketry Upgrade. My Metal Refinery was damaged by overheating, and the output pipe also has been broken. The output pipe in this case is exactly on the same tile as the output. I believe now the contents of the Metal Refinery are bugged: Now my Metal Refinery contains (Status, Contents): 200kg Gold Amalgam at 30.6C 784kg Polluted Water at 27.2C 16kg Water at 45C 30kg Lime at 49C 8.1t Polluted Water at 822.1C (!) 686kg water at 546C Note the 8 tons of 822 deg C water. If I deconstruct the Metal Refinery, it's like a Steam bomb because all that polluted water comes out as steam. Might be interesting if I could reproduce it and use this to power a steam generator; might be an exploit.