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Metal refinery generated water at 1722 degrees

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I am busy enjoying your game when suddenly my metal refinery has 500kg of water in it at 1722 degrees... I empty it and it basically melts my base, I don't empty it and it slowly leaks out and melts everything nearby.

Rosy Pigpen Cycle 246.sav

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Just playing game.
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Same problem here. Refinery currently holding 3+ tonnes of boiling PH2O...  Upon emptying, everything overheats. I don't know if it is because of the materials I use or not. I was using refineries to purify PH2O with food poisoning because it would kill all the germs after 3 cycles through the refineries, but noticed there was a buildup of temperature. I have no idea why...

Temporary solution:
- Make the "refining area" separate from the rest of the base (and anything that is critical to dupe survival)
- Require dupes to use exosuits to enter the area
- After you empty the refinery, deconstruct everything until the area cools down to avoid constant loss of materials for repairs

Or, also:
- Regularly empty the storage of the refinery to avoid it overheating


Rockitome Cycle 205.sav

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