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  1. noob question

    First thought it was a Game of Thrones reference... then realized it probably means Occ. Safety and Health or something haha
  2. Very cool! I'm just imagining trying to set this up with dupes... And failing haha.
  3. How many dupes do you have? I don't have that many and I agree, but I think it's a question of scale. People maxing out their dupes will be able to take advantage of all possible extra resources (until their CPU explodes at least).
  4. When you did your experiments, was that upon impact? Or was it including what it drops on its way down? I imagine if you catch them at the bottom of your world (if you had a giant hole in your map somewhere specifically for catching them), then they'd release more total on the way down.
  5. Damn, thanks. Yeah, will have to make a time-based one, or one that procedurally sections them off with weight plates instead... And good to know about the vertical/horizontal doors, though that's kind of weird! Thanks again!
  6. See attached clip -- not sure why the doors aren't opening... I'm sure it's just my not properly understanding of how they work, it's the first time I've used them. Are morbs not critters? Is there an additional variable I'm not understanding? Any help is much appreciated! P.S.: I re-enabled the drop-stop toilets after reading somewhere else Morbs won't spawn from them otherwise. Good to know! 2019.02.05-15.04.mp4
  7. Tepidizers are ONE way to heat up water. There are also refineries, magma, and some geysers. This isn't really as much of a bug as a gameplay suggestion... I get what you're saying, but it hasn't come up for me as a problem (that I haven't found another way around).
  8. Not saying it's not dumb, but dupes being dumb is what gives the player opportunities to be clever - if the dupes were smart, the only task in the game would be building and deciding where they dig, which would be boring. You control the environment, so just don't "allow" for the possibility that they'll be dumb! For a mid-game solution I use, have a room with high-priority sleet wheat storage (fridge, Cl/CO2 gas, whatever) with multiple entrances. "At least" Chef Camille and Retriever Ren both need to access it: Chef to cook the ingredients, Retriever to resupply it. Set door permissions and positions so that you have a door that Retriever can use (but Chef can't), and a door that Chef can use (but Retriever can't). When the Sleet Wheat supply is full enough, automate locking the Retriever door (set an automated delay so that Retriever doesn't get locked in as soon as he fills it). Use a memory toggle or time delay so that it doesn't switch the moment Chef pulls out one Sleet Wheat. Now Retriever will only go get wheat from across the map or wherever when it's actually needed, and will otherwise go retrieve other things. The Sleet Wheat will be left in the original cold biomes (environmentally refrigerated) until needed. Or something else that works, I dunno.
  9. Might that explain this bug? Check out the video I attached in my reply to this one, see what you think. Thanks!
  10. Same problem here. Refinery currently holding 3+ tonnes of boiling PH2O... Upon emptying, everything overheats. I don't know if it is because of the materials I use or not. I was using refineries to purify PH2O with food poisoning because it would kill all the germs after 3 cycles through the refineries, but noticed there was a buildup of temperature. I have no idea why... Temporary solution: - Make the "refining area" separate from the rest of the base (and anything that is critical to dupe survival) - Require dupes to use exosuits to enter the area - After you empty the refinery, deconstruct everything until the area cools down to avoid constant loss of materials for repairs Or, also: - Regularly empty the storage of the refinery to avoid it overheating 2018.09.29-16.34.mp4 Rockitome Cycle 205.sav
  11. Yeah, I don't think this is a bug as much as a game mechanic. There are mechanisms in the game to let you force the dumb dupes to do things in smart ways... Which is the whole game!
  12. Same bug maybe, but... 10+ t of water somehow got in, and got to 400+ C degrees?? Multipaxus.sav
  13. Is it supposed to spread to tiles? I thought being on a solid killed it, why would it infect the tiles next to it? Video of spreading to tiles attached. It's basically all my dupes have been doing lately... guess I need to block off that area and mine it out from the other side to stop it. 2018.07.29-23.58.mp4
  14. After I dig the tile under the water and it falls, something happens and the water jumps through the tiles diagonally, and then stops leaking. Possibly related. Or maybe a weird thing with "falling water" pressures that I'm not aware of? Also, if you check out the video, it's not your eyes - two dupes are briefly walking perfectly together and doing the same task for some reason, which is also odd and maybe... another bug? 2018.07.18-04.56.mp4 DxDiag.txt Impenetraxius44bug.sav