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Metal refinery default recipe

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I just built my first metal refinery and here's the "default recipe" I got without clicking on any of the choices:


Unfortunately I have no Hatchling eggs to test the recipe, but I hope I don't break a tooth with it. :)

I imagine it's linked to the egg cracker, since if I select the egg cracker, I can see that I have selected  the Hatchling recipe there last and produced a continuous amount, so I think the refinery is using the wrong pointer for its default recipe.

Steps to Reproduce
(Probably) build an egg cracker => choose a Hatchling egg to crack => build a metal refinery => look at its recipes without choosing anything.

User Feedback

I think this happens when you select a building with recipes (metal refinery, egg cracker, rock granulator, etc.) and then you select another building with recipes. I have seen the recipe of lime in the refinery because before I had selected the granulator

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