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Metal Refinery can store unlimited coolant

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Cooling Metal Refinery with +90°C water is easy exploit to use. You only need disable auto repair on the output pipe, which breaks right away cooland goes out and you can use Metal Refinery as long as you like without flushing out coolant at all. It just stores more and more of 140°C water inside it. My current one has tons of it.

Expected Result:
- If metal refinery contains water >100°C it should break and release steam into air (just drop that 140°C bottle on floor).
- You should not be able to operate Metal Refinery with broken output pipe


Steps to Reproduce
Put 90°C water into Metal Refinery. Disable autorepair on output pipe when refinery starts getting rid of coolant. Now you can operate Metal Refinery with hot water.
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