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Menu Animations Freezing

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I have run into some curious activity on the main menu (DLC Disabled).

Between the CPU duty and animations, it appears something isnt getting intialized properly when the game first loads, causing animations to appear shaky at best.

Running: Intel Core i7-7700, NVIDIA GeForce GT 730, 16GB RAM.

Steps to Reproduce
  • When the game first launches, CPU18% (growing), Memory 0MB to 1,210MB (growing)
  • Click through the first splash screen, CPU8% (stable), see next bullet for Memory.
  • Then we arrive on the main menu, animations freezing (50% duty smooth/frozen), CPU 7-8% (stable), Memory 1,000MB to 1,250MB (fluctuating)
  • Remain on the main menu through at least sixty seconds, animations freezing (50% duty smooth/frozen), CPU 7-8% (stable), Memory 1,152MB (stable).
  • Open any menu (new, load, colsumm, transl, mods, options), note the menu animations are not freezing anymore, CPU 3-4% (stable), Memory 1,152MB to 1,620MB  (stable, depending on menus opened).
  • If the Load menu or Colony Summary menu is opened, animations no longer freeze, CPU 3-4% (stable),Memory unchanged (stable).

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