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Memory Leak on Re-load

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I have noticed this effect in all versions/updates I have played (since the outbreak update), and it has not been addressed. I like to save before selecting a new duplicant, as I can re-load the game to generate a different selection.

When the game is re-loaded, there is a notable performance decrease, and there is a finite number of times the game can be re-loaded from the in-game load screen before it bogs down my machine and either crashes or stalls out my machine. This can be re-set by completely quitting the game (to desktop) and restarting the game. While this may not be the intended method of playing the game, I find that the limit is between 5-8 re-loads before I am in risk of the game crashing. The period has gotten shorter with each major content addition. (it used to be 10-11).

To me, this indicates that the game does not release/clear enough of its used memory when it is done loading a save file. I realize this is not a major bug, but I thought it might finally be worth mentioning to you, as it is persistent.

I have an older Asus laptop running Windows 7, from right before when windows 8.1 was released (I bought it refurbished with window 7 instead of windows 8). It has an intel core i3-2370M CPU @2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, and 64-bit OS.

Steps to Reproduce

Start a game. Play at least 6 days. Pause game. Save game. Load game. Check new Printables Available. Load game. Check new Printables Available. Load game. Check new Printables Available. Load Game. Check new Printables Available.

...about 10 times. There will be noticeable lag the more times the game is loaded. The game also takes longer to load each time. Playing the game from that point, there is often lag before all actions/motions are resumed, and actions/animations take longer to be enacted. The game will eventually smooth out (or crash the machine), but the accumulated lag will remain for future loads.

User Feedback

That has always been that bad, that's not new. You should never "reload" a game. You should never go back to the main menu, no matter what you've done, and on which save. Go back to desktop before to load something.

When you've reach a certain point, not that big, even going back from a loaded save to the main menu will take much more longer than closing the game and re-opening it.

Yes, I agree, it's a shame, but that how it is so far.

There's some memories, somewhere, that don't clean.

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If they are interested in streamlining and improving the game, they should know this effect exists. Whether they do anything about it is up  to them, I've obviously known about this for a long time, and play the game anyhow. My machine is old enough that it can often take 5 minutes when I exit the game on steam before my machine can do anything else, while re-loading from within the game (the first few times) is much faster, as it takes only about a minute or two, instead of five minutes before I can hit the 'play' button again, and about three minutes of loading time.

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Just to add: this is not unique to Windows. Linux exhibits the same behaviour. There's no reason to assume Macs don't suffer this too.

It's easy enough to check on memory usage. I'll do this later. But I have a 16 GB machine so the slowdown should not be related to memory ballooning (unless it's the GPU RAM having trouble?)

Memory leaks, severe slowdown.. these kind of bugs should definitely be considered major.

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