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Mechanical Doors and reload

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Ive had this situation where the **** hit the fan, everyone was stressed ofcourse, puking all over the place.

There was an Entombed Electrolyzer, and after 5 cycles my dupes still didnt entomb it.
I used the Red Alert, nothing happened, some dupes died by suffocation.
I used prioritzing, didnt help, they didnt notice it.
I Cancelled the whole area and then prioritized the emtombed. Didnt do anything

Meanwhile all my duplicants have died except two
Now I had the area closed off with mechanical doors, set to closed.

Once everyone started dying I set them back to Auto, but nobody really swtched the doors to Auto.
A few doors were actually set to Auto, but the remaining Dupes dont see that.
One of them is standing almost right next to the entombed electrolyzer, but that one just runs to bathroom  and toilet and back
The other waits in front of the closed Door which is pending to set to Auto, Mae is waiting but never actually triggers the door.
I have all jobs on both characters turned on
They are all 100% stressed, mourning, dirty Hands, grimy, interupted sleep and stepped in contaminated water and hungry/tired

Reloading the game only makes the behaviour worse, they dont respond to anything, only to grab food if some is nearby.
Only Quincy, the dead body, triggers a Lashing Out warning, but he's been dead for a few cycles.

Prosperous Antfarm.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Electrolyzer placed under sandstone, remove the sandstone to make it emtombed, have your colony stressed and vomitting, try to unentomb electrolyzer (i dont know really)

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