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may surfboard's string makes blackhole

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I updated my translation file today.
But there was a crash problem.
I think there was no problem with the previous file(380770) but there was a problem with the changed part today(381414).

So I tested the inside of the game.
The moment my dupe rode the surfboard, there was a crash.

As a result
It is thought that the strings related to the condition associated with the surfboard may be the cause of the crash.


So, I erase the following strings then updated.

msgid "Stoked"
msgstr ""

msgid "This Duplicant had a rad experience on a surfboard.\n\nLeisure activities increase Duplicants' <style=\"KKeyword\">Morale</style>"
msgstr ""

msgid "Surfin'"
msgstr ""

msgid "This Duplicant is surfin' some artificial waves!"
msgstr ""


It was loaded without a problem.

Steps to Reproduce
explain in bodytext

User Feedback

after today updates (381818).

Start > Klei logo > Crash

If delete 'string.po' and proceed to the default language (English), it didn't crash.
The same crashed when use my translation(kr) file or the bundle translation(kr, zh, ru) files.

This issue did not occur to all user who used translation strings.
However, some user cannot play even when reinstalled.

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