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Material details menu bug

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When viewing the details for a selected material, switching back to the basic info menu selects a different material. After recording the clip I realized that it seems like the different material that is selected is the one that is behind the menu. I also just realized that this was happening while paused. I do not remember if this occurs while not paused. 

Desktop 02.17.2017 -

Steps to Reproduce
Select a material and switch between the info and details menus.

User Feedback

I've just gone to report this one, and seen your report.

This does happen while not paused, as well as when paused.  You do not need to switch between the tabs.  Just click on info, but only if a material/gas/liquid (a non-built structure) is selected.  The material behind the info button is selected.  This can also be used on black/unexplored areas of the map.

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