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  1. I had 2 flower vases with Bristle Briars planted and only one of the vases counted toward the decor value of the tile. Flower vase on the right: adding its decor value of +11 plus the Bristle Briar's +15. No problem. Flower vase on the left, however: Not contributing its +11 decor and not being a team player making the Bristle Briar do all the work for the decor value. The next time loading in this was fixed and both flower vases are working together to make the sleeping duplicants happy. This bug to me seems like a fluke and I imagine it won't be easily replicated because I have only seen it happen this one time, but I felt that it was better to add a post about it in case it is more common than I thought.
  2. When viewing the details for a selected material, switching back to the basic info menu selects a different material. After recording the clip I realized that it seems like the different material that is selected is the one that is behind the menu. I also just realized that this was happening while paused. I do not remember if this occurs while not paused. Desktop 02.17.2017 -
  3. During each cycle, the travel time of dupes increases rapidly. The screenshot was taken a few seconds after hovering over the travel time and it increased from 1867s to 2027s in those few seconds. By the end of each cycle, the count is well above 10,000s. The travel time for past cycles seems to be accurate, but for current cycles, this happens.