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Massive RAM usage, possible memory leak

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Oxygen not Included tends to use extreme amounts of RAM over a longer period of time. I'm using a Linux environment with 16 GB of RAM with another 17.2 GB of SWAP space(RAM on disk/ pagefile on windows if I'm not mistaken). My system nearly hard-locked multiple times because all of that was being used only by the game. In itself, the OS consumes AT MOST 1.5 GB of RAM.

Problem is, normally, if I play for 2 hours, save a couple of times, load a couple of times... and then I return to the home menu, closing my world, I should have the same RAM usage as if I just opened the game, but that is not the case here. The game keeps reserving more and more and more RAM as I play, without freeing it, and thus leading to a system crash sooner or later if I do not restart the game.

I have tested on a survival world with 500 cycles and a sandbox world with... a couple of cycles. Both will make the game hog all of the RAM at a different pace/timeframe.

I tried running with no mods, same effect, but the RAM was hogged at a slower pace (which means more load/save cycles were needed to fill my memory), I believe the log files have recorded my attempt.

I honesly have no idea what other technical is needed, I will be keeping an eye on replies, so if anything is requested, I'll provide it as soon as possible.

Steps to Reproduce

Play any world, no matter size or cycles; save/ load a couple of times and generally just play the game, watch the whole OS jam before your eyes.

User Feedback

It's an old bug, I re-reported it a few months ago after Mergedown, but it's been there since forever.


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Apologies for not looking for duplicates enough.
I do realize that it is really really hard to fix but... Welp, the only thing we can do is wait.

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I started having this same issue yesterday. Ubuntu Linux, nvidia GTX 1060, runs all my other games fine at a nice framerate. ONI hard-crashed yesterday, and now if I play for more than 3-4 minutes, framerate drops a LOT. I quit before getting another hard crash, but I assume that's what would happen.
Where could I find logs or something like that to help get the bug looked at?

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