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Massage table animation without dupe

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build 207390

I had a situation where i reloaded my game, Cass was owner of the massage table and was maybe just about or alreayd getting a massage  when the night started. The massage table started the animation but Cass already went to bed instead, leaving it empty

Cycle 52 Cycle 55.sav

Cycle 52 Cycle 54.sav

Steps to Reproduce
have a game with a dupe on massagetable just before bed time, save, reload, and hope you got the timing right, night needs to hit almost straight away
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User Feedback

build # 207683

I was just about to report the exact same thing, but in my case it seems this can happen at any point in the night.  It may have to do with reloading the game causing all dupes to jump out of what they were currently doing and start over?  Normally, they'd just stay on the massage table and sleep through the night there.  Their statuses will normally show both Sleeping and Using Massage Table (during day or night).  After reload, their Statuses show Sleeping and Unreachable (and there's a notification for those that were in the massage tables that they can't reach their beds).  After unpausing, they go straight to their beds.

My first save is from before the night with 4 assigned to Massage Tables.  One was already in it and will have Sleeping and Using Massage Table in their status.  She'll get back in on restart.  (3 or 4 total should make it into the Massage Tables before night if you continue running that save.)  The second save is half way through the night and you'll see them go to bed and leave the Massage Table animation running.  I've also seen this at beginning and end of night.  If you go all through the night and save and reload in the next day, they just get back in the Massage Tables after unpausing (even when one needs to pee).

I've also observed one Duplicate leave the Massage Table in the middle of the night for bed (after a reload), then finish sleeping, go eat, make a delivery and return to the Massage Table.  All seems to be fine when he returns to massage table.  He'll lose stress and about 1/2 a cycle later when he hits 0% stress, he'll leave, and the massage table will be unassigned and stop animating.

Massage 1.sav

Massage 2.sav

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