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Magma dropping as debris instead of solid tile (confirmed in Sandbox)

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I made a little column of diamond window tiles to tap magma. There was a bit of iron and abyssalite that dropped in the magma but otherwise nothing fell in there. This drop of molten iron turned into a pile of debris after it cooled, and then over 13 tiles of magma also turned into igneous rock debris and created a vacuum pocket where the molten iron was. It should not be dropping as debris and should be making solid tile with an entombed iron debris. Save file included


Fake Chocolate.sav

Steps to Reproduce

I have recreated this in sandbox like so:


Spawn 200kg of molten iron surrounded by 1840 kg of molten magma on either side. Then make some very cold super coolant on top. When the iron cools first, it will turn into a debris pile. Then the magma on the right tile turned into debris instead of a solid tile like it should have.


User Feedback

After liquid->solid iron create that vacuum, magma enter that pocket and cool very fast. <200kg magma  turn to debris every new calculation. After some calculation, 1840 kg magma tile drop to <200 kg, cool and turn to debris. You can use "mop" for that liquid magma, this means its weight isn't >150kg. I don't think it is a bug if the problem is this. You can't cool very fast if you want "tile". Same for "creating pip tile". If you use that tactic at very cold area, every drip cool down very fast and turn to debris. 200 kg liquid can't create a tile.

Don't create diamond tile (above the vacuum). Create with another material (low conductivity), wait for magma-rock tile, destroy and create diamond tile.

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