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Low algae Algae Deoxidizer refuses to accept algae

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Heya. I have a save file where my Dublicants keep dumping the newly created algae I've been making from slime from the Bio Distiller into the Algae Deoxidizer. 1000g each time. Unfortunately, the Algae Deoxidezer refuses to start producing oxigen and instead claims it has insufficient algae. The counter is stuck at 9.9kg algae no matter how many times my dublicants dump algae into it.  

Edit: Oh, it's not a bug. Just that the Bio distiller shunts out algae in small bits at a time. Then my duplicants keep walking back and forth picking up the tiny bits of algae to put in the Algae Deoxisdizer. The AI doesn't wait for the Algae from the Bio distiller to accumulate to sizable amounts before feeding it to the Algae Distiller.
I REALLY think the algae distiller should  hand out algae in bigger chunks more slowly rather than tiny bits rapidly.

Steps to Reproduce
Use the Algae Deoxidezer and feed it algae freshly made from Bio distillers when you have no algae.

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