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Loss of water from displacement

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In the screen shot I was setting up a "water tank" and messing up a few times with the layout I noticed I ended up with less water overall without losing any. Reloading and toying with it I found I would lose rougly 5000.0kg by allowing the water to fall but not actually escape. After several games of ending up on the losing battle with water supply this was part of the plan to secure it early. xD

ONI water trouble.png

Steps to Reproduce
Displacing natural water sources

User Feedback

Can confirm. I was setting up a water container and I lost really a lot of it by tiling it on a horizontal line (i.e. replacing whatever resources I had to dig there with tiles). I think I lost half a tile of water or so, pretty noticeable.


That also explains why in one of my worlds when I merged a huge contaminated water pocket, the recipient of the merger didn't even notice it in terms of the volume.

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