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  1. Loss of water from displacement

    Can confirm. I was setting up a water container and I lost really a lot of it by tiling it on a horizontal line (i.e. replacing whatever resources I had to dig there with tiles). I think I lost half a tile of water or so, pretty noticeable. That also explains why in one of my worlds when I merged a huge contaminated water pocket, the recipient of the merger didn't even notice it in terms of the volume.
  2. Gas pumping stopped

    I have a very similar problem. Basically air pumps don't pump gases except one kind of it. Notice how much of most gases except H2 on the first pic and O2 on the second are stored. I had this trouble for a long time in my colony and so far I think the problem is that it refuses to pump the gas except the first type it found the moment you build it. Restarting the game seems to reset the process so the first time it pumps something is when it decides what it'll do.
  3. Algae Terrarium stops working

    Can second this. Both terrariums on the right are non functional (i.e. empty status): Additional notes: - Restarting the games doesn't help - Seems rather independent of the position or environment, at the moment when I built those they were in pretty much the same conditions and I don't think left vs right side of my base produced more CO2, now it's filled with CO2 only because those two don't work.
  4. First question From what I can see in your first playtests, DST is going to be a sort of MMO-style (i.e. FFA-based) PvP experience with a possibility of cooperation but without any "obligations" within this FFA world, that's boundless in terms of behavior. My question is, do you plan a specific co-op mode with a policy of, say, shared benefits - shared responsibility? I mean the type of a game where all players on server are your allies by definition. Maybe that should be some mode intended for a static group of no more than ~4 players with a sole aim of surviving together, without easy drop-in or character re-creation, perhaps even not playable without all characters of this group present or so? In short do you plan a specific co-op mode and (no matter how it's going to be done) it should be a negative experience for everyone when your ally dies. As a possibility, the intention of this mode maybe should be Adventure mode as an ultimate goal, so you should really want to cooperate, not to wreck havoc because you have nothing else to do. Second question As for something less important for me, I'll duplicate my idea from ranged combat discussion. Can you tell whether it will be possible by default or at least if something similar can be modded into a game? Again, in a similar to cooperation way - shared benefits/responsibility for a certain faction, maybe with an objective to eliminate all players from an opposed faction.