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When I close the game to desktop and restart it, I get "another instance is running." I close the Steam client and try it again. Same thing. The only way I can get it to work again is to reboot. Everything ONI and Steam related is out of memory.I have to re-install ONI every month or so. It gives me a consistant "There's another instance already running." message when I come off a fresh reboot.  It gets stuck at the Klei logo. I'm trying a new colony. I rebooted and I got that message. I am a 30+ year PC tech, so the general spyware, safemode stuff has already been done. Anything I should be doing?

Steps to Reproduce
I unload Steam and ONI from Task Manager or re-boot.

User Feedback

The output log just stops abruptly.

Maybe let the game close on its own without forcibly shutting it down and removing it from memory. If you could do that and upload that output log that'd be greatly appreciated. :wilson_goodjob:

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