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Liquid that backs up in pipes will be deleted

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Hi all, second post here (first post was in the general forums, but I figured I would post here too). I just bought the game two days ago and am loving it! I watched this video on getting the most out of the electrolyzer and using the least amount of water, as two months ago it was seen that the water being pumped into it was being consumed all at once, despite keeping the same flow rate going into the machine. I wasn't sure if this was ever fixed, so earlier today I tried to reproduce it. The electrolyzer bug seems to still be there but I found something even more interesting. I apologize if this has already been posted but I felt I should write this up and see if anyone else has seen this before, and if not I can submit a defect/bug for this. 

Okay so I tried to reproduce what the youtube video had. It seems the valve issue is fixed. The blob of water will partition itself into smaller blobs and it can visibly be seen breaking down. The original 10kg blob will sit before the valve and smaller portions will come out the other side. HOWEVER, as the blob is waiting before the valve, the water blobs will back up behind it. So in other words the 10kg blob is breaking down to 8kg, 6kg, 3kg, and so on (visibly keeping the water blob before the valve), and now you have water blobs piling up down the pipeline all the way to where the water vents are that were used to reduce the flow of water. Now if the pipe that leads to the water valve is backed up to where the LAST water valve route is the water blob will DISAPPEAR. Meaning, if the pipeline is not long enough to account for the water blobs it will get rid of 10kg of water. To find this out I had the water valve set at 100g and not 1000g, and it took longer to partition, and therefore it was backing up faster. Not sure if this is posted in the forums but I wanted to share this.

I may be wrong with physics/laws of water but shouldn't the water just pile down each pipe until it can't anymore? And then you would have an increase in liquid pressure maybe causing pipes to burst? (If this even happens in the game I haven't gotten that far where this would be happening anyway, I just unlocked the electrolyzer). In any case it does not occur here.


I submitted an attachment image. The current solution can be to either create long pipeline, or to distribute the pipeline by creating more vents, or both. I am unsure if this occurs with gases but wanted to submit this here.




Steps to Reproduce
1) Create water pipeline from intake to four water vents evenly distributed (as seen in screenshot) 2) After the fourth vent, continue the water pipeline a decent distance to a liquid valve. 3) connect liquid valve to electrolyzer 4) Set liquid valve to 100g/sec so the water will back up behind it. 5) Connect power and distribute power to the machines 6) As water is pumped in and distributed note that at the end of the 4th vent intersection it will have nowhere to go. Because the other route will be backed up. This water (10kg) then becomes lost.

User Feedback

Its not deleted. The water went backwards and merged with the packet behind it, because your Valve pressure is at 100g and not 1000g like in the video.

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