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Liquid tepidizers are critically exploitable

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Liqid tepidizers produce 4x more heat energy than they consume electrical energy. To prevent players from directly exploiting this fact, the game is supposed to stop tepidizers from working once they reach their target temperature (85C). However, upon receiving a green signal tepidizers turn on for about a second even past their target temperature and even outside of a liquid. This allows a trivial setup self-powering to extract about 2.5-3kW of free electrical energy.


This is an exploit that allows a trivial setup to generate unlimited electrical energy:



I think the problem can be addressed in multiple ways. Ideally tepidizers should not turn on when receiving a green signal past their target temperature -- this is an ideal "sane" solution, but I understand if there's technical reasons why this can be hard to implement. Alternatively, just make their target temperature also their overheat temperature, so that they simply break upon reaching 85C and disallow building them from advanced materials.


Another natural solution is to simply make tepidizers produce as much heat energy as it consumes electrical energy. So a 1kW tepidizer should just never produce more than 1kW (or 1kkDTU/s) worth of heat energy. Yes, it's a nerf to tepidizers, but space heating irl is expensive and I see no reason why this fact should be mitigated by magical hacks.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Build a liquid tepidizer

2) Attach to a timer that sends green signal for 1.5s and red signal for 0.1s

3) Observe that the tepidizer keeps producing 4x more heat energy than it consumes indefinitely, even past its target temperature and even outside of a liquid.

4) Extract the excess heat energy with a turbine to make a self-powering perpetual machine.

UPD: If the game is loaded from a save, then apparently one needs to remove the tepidizer and add it back, because due to some orthogonal problem the tepidizer does not load in its original state.

exploit heat.sav

User Feedback

Did you try reloading the save? Because the exploit breaks on reload and that's the way it has been "fixed" 


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I can confirm that in order to reproduce the exploit one needs to load the game, remove the tepidizer, then add it again. I see it as another unrelated bug, and definitely not as a fix to anything.

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According to the wiki https://oxygennotincluded.fandom.com/wiki/Liquid_Tepidizer :


After reloading the game, both previous bugs will create 4064kDTU/s below 125°C and only 64kDTU/s above that temperature despite indicating it produces 4064kDTU/s. This was a quick fix done to mitigate those 2 bugs.

So the tepidizer does indeed function differently up on building and then reloading the game, and that's apparently intentional? How is that not a bug of its own?


Basically you can exploit the game and produce unlimited amounts of free energy, but only until you reload your game. Once you do that, you have to destroy your tepidizers and rebuild them to keep exploiting.

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