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Liquid Tepidizer + Timer Sensor Exploit

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Pending

Liquid Tepidizer when receives green signal starts to heat up then detects missing liquid or too high temp and stops.

If add timer sensor with 1 second green signal and 0 seconds red signal allows to heat very quickly to very high temperatures.
Adding water and steam turbine allows to generate infinite electricity. Basically perpetual motion machine.

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I ran into this by accident on a Rime asteroid  I dropped a tepidizer into a body of salt water under mesh tiles, surrounded by insulated tiles. Connected the tepidizer to thermo sensor right above the mesh tiles set to green if the thermo sensor is detecting less than 7C.  My intent was to use the tepidizer to heat a radiant pipe passing through the salt water and move that heat elsewhere.  I expected the tepidizer to heat the water and the local temperature to rise, causing the tepidizer to shut off.

The result was the tepidizer hit it's output temperature limit, a tile of cold gas moved across the thermo sensor, next thing I know over 1 ton of 4 tons of saltwater in the "heat bath" flashed to steam.  Probably wouldn't have happened if I'd had my saltwater 2 tiles deep, 6 tiles wide, so the steam wouldn't have flashed so easily, and if I hadn't used mesh to emptying the saltwater into the bath, any steam flash would have been contained in the chamber and been condensed down again by the radiant pipe's contents.

I'm running the Windows OS, Live Branch, current, no DLC or mods

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