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Liquid Pump thinks it is not submerged.

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Not sure I'm in the right branch - it's the Steam version of the game.

In any case, built a large reservoir for water and filled it. Built a pump underwater, turned it on. It worked. Then, it didn't. Next time I look at it, it claims the pump isn't submerged although it obviously is. Photo, output log, and two save games attached. One save is some time before the issue, the other is after.


Thank you! Awesome game!



broken pump.png

broken pump.sav

before breaking.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Unclear. Put a pump underwater, turned it on. Usually works.

User Feedback

the output needed for the shower and scrubber is far far far less than the pumps optimal usage its just pumping when its needed not just suckin up as much energy as it can without working

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