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Liquid pipes won't empty into vent

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A liquid pipe going into a machine will continue to flow into the machine until the pipe is empty if the input stops.  A pipe going into a liquid vent stops flowing when the input to the pipe stops, leaving the pipe perpetually full, leaving you with a big mess to clean up if you want to deconstruct the pipe, or use it to carry a different liquid.



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Hrm.  I just noticed that my pipe from the lavatories to the liquid vent DOES empty completely into the vent, but the one I had going from a metal refinery to a liquid vent did NOT.


And if you break a pipe to stop the flow of water from a pump to a vent, the rest of the pipe stops flowing as well.


Hrm.. at least up until it hits a liquid bridge.  The pipe after the liquid bridge continues to empty.


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if you have a bridge, everything after that bridge will flow even if a pipe before the bridge is broken/missing

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what matters is the "beginning" of the pipe - if it's a bridge you don't need a pump, it will empty everything regardless of what happens behind it, since it's counted as a "new section" of piping.

Of course, you also need a valid end where stuff should exit the pipe, but that's relatively easy to troubleshoot.

I'm not sure if valves count as valid "beginning", I think they do, so probably everything after a valve/shutoff will also flow.

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