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Liquid Pipe Issue

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I'm currently on cycle 77 and have had two Lavatories set up for at least the last 20+ cycles, as well as an Electrolyzer. They have stopped working for no apparent reason, the Lavatories are saying In Use and Empty Pipe. When I switch to the liquid mode I see the pipes are full and unbroken. The liquid pump is saying Not Pumping, again the piping and wiring are unbroken and supplied with both liquid and power. The Electrolyzer is saying Empty Pipe as well, again with unbroken pipes and wiring with power. All three are running on the same pump and piping.

I'm not sure what caused this. I have tried deconstructing both Lavatories and the Electrolyzer but it didn't solve the issue. I have also disabled and enabled several times. Please help!

Steps to Reproduce
I didn't even notice it had happened until my Dupes suddenly started Making a Mess when their stress levels were below 20%. Then when I hovered over the Lavatories I found the Empty Pipe and In Use notifications.

User Feedback

You have an unreachable pipe waiting to be constructed above your second lavatory.

Also the pipe bridge above the shower is backwards.

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