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Liquid packets between Liquid Meter Valve and Petroleum Engine inexplicably stuck

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No spaced out DLC.


Packets get stuck just under the notifier, and randomly get unstuck. Packet values in the picture are 10 10 6 kg. The attached save does not have the bridge, as I was hoping it might "unstick" the packets. No such luck.

The map has a lot of piping. Have I hit some upper bound on pipe processing somehow?

How can I make this work? It was working without issue until I added the overflow meters up and to the left of the stuck packets. Very strange bug.

Volcano Fix 2 Cycle 4938.png

Volcano Fix 2 Cycle 4938.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Load save. Observe pipe failure in lower right of map.

RE logs, Figured it might be a mod, so disabled all but Smart Pumps (the one that has in-game objects that would disappear) and it still occurs.

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