Liquid Chlorine doesn't evaporate

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Hey guys,

I just wondered how liquid chlorine could reach a temperature of 300°C? ;) Maybe it's because it's considered "Solid" like the info on the right side says?

I saw two confusing things:

  1. When liquid chlorine drops on a surface (e.g. igneous rock) hotter than evaporation point it doesn't seem to heat up
  2. Heating it up with e.g. a battery by dropping it there the chlorine stays liquid far above evaporation point

One question though: What does it need to incinerate chlorine? The description says it's flammable.

Build #208689, screenshot and savegame attached

Best regards



Liquid Chlorine.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Cool chlorine with a Thermo Regulator below condensation point, exit through a vent on a battery or some other heat emitting building

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