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  1. Hey guys, I just wondered how liquid chlorine could reach a temperature of 300°C? Maybe it's because it's considered "Solid" like the info on the right side says? I saw two confusing things: When liquid chlorine drops on a surface (e.g. igneous rock) hotter than evaporation point it doesn't seem to heat up Heating it up with e.g. a battery by dropping it there the chlorine stays liquid far above evaporation point One question though: What does it need to incinerate chlorine? The description says it's flammable. Build #208689, screenshot and savegame attached Best regards voyagebass Liquid Chlorine.sav
  2. I loaded a game with a dupe using the massage table. After loading the dupe did normal work, stress level increasing, but the table showed the animation of being used and it was assigned to that dupe although he wasn't there. Workaround possible by reassigning the table to another dupe => minor bug.