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[linux] Random Crash

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Since a couple days, the game crashes randomly. It's not triggered by a particular action.

Player logfile attached.


Steps to Reproduce
Just play as usual.

User Feedback

It happened with different seeds so far.

lshw's output attached.

# uname -r

NVidia driver version is 384.111


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So, I tried downgrading the NVidia driver and created yet another seed. I could play a couple hours and just got a crash.

Maybe a coincidence, but it happened after the first limonchite sneezing.   *edit* unrelated, just got another crash without illness


Fresh log attached.



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Not related to duplicants illness

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I'd like to append that I've also met this problem. I've described the problem here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/457140/discussions/3/1692659135922408544/

Just duplicating my report here.


Crashes started after cycle 86. 3 duplicants, base exists only in the initial biome, always use maximum speed. Crashes on random time: I can pass a whole cycle without incidents, but also can catch a crach every 1-2 minutes of the play time.

I use a Linux version, so I use "LANG=C %command%" option to run it (without this option the world is not generated, cause I have non-english locale by default).

I've collected strace report and stored it on my server for you. Attached to parent process with "strace -p 22162 -f". All the processes were killed by SIGABRT. The only process who sent it was 22211, but it seems that tgkill call was correct, so I don't know what was the source of the signal for other processes/threads.

If I can provide you with more information, type me. Link to strace: http://freehck.ru/share/oxygen-trace.gz

- I have verified game files, they're okay.
- I have disabled steam overlay, but crashes still happen.
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I am having the same problem. Sometimes crash may occur every 5 minutes and sometimes I can play for hours without any problems. I have noticed that if I scroll view to a "black" area and leave game running it will not crash, but if I am viewing base where there is a lot of things going on then the game will certainly crash.

Log file attached.


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